The Death dealing sin, the life giving life – Morning Service 10th March 2019

The Death dealing sin, the life giving life


Romans 5 v 12 -20



The Romans Epistle: 

From: Paul the apostle: an intellectual Jew with Roman citizenship. Miraculous conversion on his trip to Damascus.

To: Christians in Rome….mainly Gentile (non Jews) but with Jewish Christians amongst them.


When: Around 57 A.D. Nero was the Roman Emperor.

Why: Paul wanted to visit the Roman church. He had never been. He wanted them to know what he believed before he met them. 

What? A most powerful summary of Christian beliefs. How all people have sinned and how God sent Jesus to pay for those sins and make a way for them to be reconciled (made right) with God.


Preacher:Simon Cheatle

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